Canon C300 (Timecode sync)

The Canon C300 can be synchronized to the Time Filter in two ways:  an external genlock signal can be used (similar to the RED ONE), or it can be synchronized through timecode sync shown here.  Timecode sync eliminates the need for an external genlock generator, so is the preferred method of synchronization for 23.98, 24, and 29.97 frame-per-second operation.  

Not all cameras guarantee phase synchronization between the timecode output and the actual sensor clock.  For instance, timecode synchronization will NOT work with the RED ONE.  

Timecode synchronization requires Time Filter firmware version 1.1.0 or greater and the Tessive timecode power and sync cable (part# TCAB-TC).  The Timecode adapter has a BNC cable which connects to the camera’s Timecode output.  The larger four-pin connector connects to the Time Filter Controller’s Power input connector.  Power for the Time Filter controller is then connected to the Timecode adapter using one of the available Tessive power adapters (P-Tap, AC power supply, or flying lead).


To configure the Time Filter Controller for use with Timecode sync, change the SYNC MODE in the SETTINGS submenu to TIMECODE. 

When using the Time Filter with the C300 and Timecode sync, the phase delay number at 24 fps is usually 8.25 ms to center of frame.  The C300's sensor takes 16ms to read, and there's a 0.2 ms initial delay between the Timecode sync and top of frame.

NOTE:  The C300 must be set to output timecode in a free-running mode.  Check that the Time Filter is receiving a correct signal by noting the light on the side of the Time Filter controller, next to the power connector.  This light should be green when receiving a correct signal, and the frequencies shown on the display should match the camera’s frame rate.