The Time Filter supports the RED EPIC natively using the RED EPIC Synchronization Cable, available from Tessive.  The RED EPIC firmware must be 2.05 or later.  This allows synchronization without trilevel genlock, and at any frame rate between 1 and 96 frames per second.

First, connect the Time Filter Controller to the EPIC using the RED EPIC Synchronization cable (Tessive part # TCAB-EPIC).  The small 00 LEMO connector connects to the EPIC’s CTRL connector for synchronization, and the larger four-pin connector connects to the Time Filter Controller’s Power input connector.  Power for the Time Filter controller is then connected to the RED EPIC Synchronization cable using one of the available Tessive power adapters (P-Tap, AC power supply, or flying lead).


The EPIC must be configured to output a sync signal in the SETTINGS/GPIO menu.  The Camera Input should be set to General Purpose In,  Camera Output should be set to Sync Out, and Sync Mode set to Off.


To configure the Time Filter Controller for use with the RED EPIC, change the SYNC MODE in the SETTINGS submenu to RED EPIC. Once configured, the Time Filter controller should display the frame rate, and the light on the side of the Time Filter Controller should turn green.