RED ONE (or any camera with genlock input only)

The Tessive Time Filter can be easily used with the RED ONE camera.  The interconnect method for the RED ONE is to use genlock synchronization provided by a third-party genlock generator.  Power for the Time Filter Controller can be obtained from the RED ONE's accessory power connections with a cable available from Tessive.  

The Time Filter's synchronization setting should be set to VIDEO.  

Genlock synchronization allows operation of the Time Filter only at project frame rates.  That is, the camera cannot be set to over- or under- crank when synchronizing with the Time Filter.  

The phase calibration for the RED ONE depends on the resolution at which it is running.  For example, in 4k mode, the readout time of the sensor is 16.6 ms, so the calibration time would be 8.3 ms to center of frame.  In 2k mode, the readout time is half that of the 4k mode, so the calibration time to the center of frame would be 4.15 ms.  As always, we recommend using the Time Filter's calibration wand to determine the exact phase delay in your setup.