This page has demonstration footage for the Time Filter product, which has been discontinued.  To see our latest approach to motion representation, check out the Time Shaper.

The best way to understand the Time Filter is to see it's effectiveness when used in different applications.  We've worked with filmmakers to produce footage that demonstrates how the perceived feel changes in a wide variety of scenarios.  

Demo Reel

A short demo reel of side-by-side comparisons with and without the Time Filter shutter.  This is a good introduction to the effectiveness of the smooth-shuttering system, and includes still comparisons.


Flight Test

To more fully show the capabilities of the Time Filter, we went to an airport to shoot a sequence which shows its effectiveness in a wide variety of situations.


Martial Arts Test

We recently participated in a studio test conducted to evaluate the Time Filter for use in martial arts action sequences.  These clips show the effectiveness of temporal antialiasing in representing human movement.  


Sony F65 Mechanical Shutter Comparison

How does the Tessive shutter compare to a mechanical shutter?  This test shows the effectiveness of our shaped shutter compared with the mechanical shutter of the Sony F65.