The TIME FILTER has been discontinued

See our note about the discontinuation of the Time Filter product.


Motion picture cameras have a problem with time.  

When panning, the background judders.  Wheels appear to spin backwards, picket fences and brick walls jump across the screen, and helicopter blades look, well, just wrong.   For a century, it's just been accepted that motion imaging would simply do these things, and there was nothing that could be done to fix it. 

Tessive has an answer to this: the Tessive Time Filter.  It is an entirely new way to represent motion in existing digital motion picture cameras.  It's a global liquid crystal shutter that is placed in front of the lens and is synchronized with frame acquisition.  

The Time Filter dramatically changes the look and feel of motion in-camera, recording the natural fluidity of the real world without loss of sharpness.


The Time Filter improves any motion and in all cases will result in a cleaner, more organic scene. It is especially useful for: