Time Filter Product Information

The Tessive Time Filter is the front-end liquid crystal shutter which controls the shape of the exposure for each frame.  By fading in and out in a mathematically defined way during the frame, the clarity of motion is dramatically enhanced.  

The main element of the Time Filter shutter is a liquid crystal plate sized for a standard filter holder, and is available in 4" by 4", 4" by 5.65", and 6.6" by 6.6" formats.  An electronic box controls the liquid crystal and connects to the camera for synchronization.  The aliasing reduction is an in-camera effect.

The Time Filter will work with nearly all digital motion picture cameras.  The only technical requirements of the camera are that it be capable of a near-360-degree shutter and that it be capable of external synchronization.  The Time Filter controller has a variety of synchronization methods that it supports, including video (genlock) sync, direct pulse sync (implemented for the ARRI ALEXA and RED EPIC), and Timecode sync.  

The system draws very little power (less than 200 mA from the DC supply) and is very lightweight.  

Click to download the Time Filter Brochure.

Click to download the Time Filter Brochure.