Important Message Regarding the Time Filter Product

Since we released the Time Filter System in 2011, we've had a fantastic response to this revolutionary shutter and variable IRND filter.  I've been privileged to meet with very many outstanding professionals in this industry, exchange ideas, and let them work with the Time Filter system. 

As of today, we are no longer offering sales of new Time Filter systems.  The Time Filter system was always a first step—a practical technology demonstrator that cinematographers could actually use on projects with existing cameras.  But it’s time for Tessive to move on from that product. 

Our existing customers will be contacted individually in the coming week to reassure them personally that we will be providing ongoing warranty and service support to all our installed systems.  We will be able to service, repair, and provide replacement elements to all systems that have been sold.  Our customers took a risk with the Time Filter technology, and we value that greatly, and we will support the ongoing use of the systems. 

Tessive will be at NAB this week, but we aren’t exhibiting this year.  If you’d like to contact us to meet at NAB, please send an email to or call us at 505-500-4837 to arrange a place and time.

Thank you,


Tony Davis, CEO, Tessive

April 6, 2013


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