New version 1.1.0 with Speed Ramps

Speed. Ramps.  

With high-frame-rate input, we can achieve beautiful, fluid speed ramps.  The output standard-frame-rate footage can have smoothly ramping speeds, just like we used to be able to do with film cameras.  

And the new trick is that square wave or soft Tessive Elemental shutters can be applied evenly across the entire shot during the ramp. This means the motion will look the same even though the rate of action is changing. 

Presentation at 2015 HPA Tech Retreat

Tony Davis from Tessive and Bill Bennett, ASC, will be presenting insights and footage at the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat on Wednesday, February 11th.  As part of the "Future of Cinema" session, we will present some recent work on reducing judder and strobing at conventional and high frame rates, as well as the aesthetic impact of techniques such as the Time Shaper software.  

Time Shaper™ Version 1 Released

We're very excited to announce the release of version 1.0 of Time Shaper™, our new way of creating smooth, beautiful moving pictures from high-frame-rate footage. 

Version 1.0 supports ACES, ARRIRAW, and ProRes file formats, and can provide enormous flexibility in shaping the look of motion in post-production.  

Find out more about Time Shaper and download a free 31 day full-featured trial.  Time Shaper works on Mac OS X versions 10.9 (Mavericks) and higher.

Time Shaper Software in Beta

Introducing Time Shaper Software

A Revolutionary Way to Represent Motion


We're very excited to announce a completely new way to represent motion at your existing project frame rates.

The new TIME SHAPER software allows the creation of new, soft, synthetic shutters never before possible.  This can bring amazing new looks at existing frame rates.  

It works by taking in high frame rate footage acquired with today's digital cinema cameras and using the full data contained in that footage to create dramatic looks while converting to standard project frame rates.  A wide range of soft shutters as well as traditional square-wave shutters can be chosen in post.

TIME SHAPER supports ARRIRAW, ProRes, and ACES file formats.  

If you'd like to beta test TIME SHAPER, contact us.

Important Message Regarding the Time Filter Product

Since we released the Time Filter System in 2011, we've had a fantastic response to this revolutionary shutter and variable IRND filter.  I've been privileged to meet with very many outstanding professionals in this industry, exchange ideas, and let them work with the Time Filter system. 

As of today, we are no longer offering sales of new Time Filter systems.  The Time Filter system was always a first step—a practical technology demonstrator that cinematographers could actually use on projects with existing cameras.  But it’s time for Tessive to move on from that product. 

Our existing customers will be contacted individually in the coming week to reassure them personally that we will be providing ongoing warranty and service support to all our installed systems.  We will be able to service, repair, and provide replacement elements to all systems that have been sold.  Our customers took a risk with the Time Filter technology, and we value that greatly, and we will support the ongoing use of the systems. 

Tessive will be at NAB this week, but we aren’t exhibiting this year.  If you’d like to contact us to meet at NAB, please send an email or call us at 505-500-4837 to arrange a place and time.

Another fine article on HFR

I attended the SMPTE symposium on HFR last October, and David Stump ASC chaired a session on the impact, from a psychophysical standpoint, of high frame rate. Recently, a fine article on HFR written by Adriene Hurst appeared in Digital Meda World, and features an interview with David Stump. Check it out here.

The Hobbit and HFR

I'm very excited to see the final version of The Hobbit in 48fps next weekend.  Many pixels have been spent talking about this bold new technical experiment in storytelling, but I had a few thoughts about how high frame rate presentations play in to the technology we're building here at Tessive.  So why does HFR look different, and does this do anything regarding temporal aliasing?  Can temporal aliasing be fixed by higher frame rates?  How about judder?  To answer all this, I put together a web page describing exactly what's going on in HFR.

Take a look at our explanation here.

24 and 48 fps bandwidth and signal loss.

24 and 48 fps bandwidth and signal loss.

New Pricing for the Time Filter

We're offering a special promotion of the Time Filter system through the end of the year. Starting at $1,950, the Time Filter system can now enhance the look of even medium-budget productions.  See our website for details.


Tessive Shutter vs. Mechanical Shutter

Is the Tessive shutter just the same as a mechanical shutter?  If I have a mechanical shutter, like on the Sony F65, is there any reason to use a Tessive shutter?

The Tessive shutter's function is very different from what a mechanical shutter does, but this is a good question.  For a full answer to this question, we did a test of our shutter compared with a Sony F65's mechanical shutter.    The results and explanation can be seen here:

Deckhand in LA has the Time Filter

We're happy to announce that the Time Filter is now available from DeckHand in Los Angeles. In addition to their other cameras, DeckHand has the new Canon C300s.  If you're in Southern California and interested in trying the Time Filter out on your project, please contact them.  For a full list of places to rent the Time Filter, see our list on our website

A Fabulous Discussion

It took place in Boston in 2010, but this discussion about frame rates is one of the best I've ever seen.  It explains 3D, 24fps, and the future.  The participants are worth the viewing all by themselves:  the great Mark Schubin, Larry Thorpe, and Doug Trumbull, and Moderated by Bruce Jacobs.  I highly recommend this.

Watch the video, it's worth it.