cine gear expo

Time Resolution Seminar at Cine Gear NY

Tessive will be presenting a seminar at Cine Gear, New York, covering time resolution issues in motion picture cameras.  We'll be introducing a more straightforward way of understanding time resolution capabilities of any motion picture camera (film or digital) and showing footage to explain the concepts.  Topics discussed will include time-contrast of motion picture cameras (temporal modulation transfer function) and temporal aliasing and their respective practical effects.  Finally, we will discuss how the Tessive Time Filter works with these concepts, although the concepts are important even for people not using the Time Filter.  Come find out how to effectively pack more of the real-world into 24 frames per second.  

The seminar will be on the main Cine Gear show floor at the Metropolitan Pavilion, Saturday September 24th at 3:30pm.

Cine Gear Expo Report

Cine Gear 2011 was a great launch for our product.  The people there were wonderful to meet and talk with, and our reception was great.  Thank you to everyone who came by our booth and talked with us.

We're very excited that people received our product so well, including a really nice review of our product by Adam Wilt.  He summarizes it better than I can!